Landon Henry

One original hand-carved sculpture by Iroquois artist, Landon Henry. One river turtle carved out of soapstone.

Landon Henry (B. 2003) is from the Deer Clan of Onondaga Tribe in the reservation of Six Nations of the River Grand in Ontario, Canada.

He is the son of Cyril Henry and the grandson of Vince Bomberry. He is currently the youngest carver of a family that has passed down carving techniques for many generations.

His work adheres to traditional subject matter, and he draws from the artistic style that his father has helped to cultivate. Like other Iroquois carvers, he primarily uses soapstone. Also known as steatite, soapstone has been a carving medium for thousands of years, and is found in underground and open-pit mines across Canada. The stone is softer than many other carving materials, allowing for many fine details.

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