Alariaq Shaa

Born April 14, 1978 (Cape Dorset, Nunavut)

Alariaq Shaa is the son of the famous Inuit sculptor, Aqjangajuk Shaa. His family history is very rich in talented sculptors, starting with his grandfather; Davidee Mannumi, his uncles Tukiki and Qavavau Manomie as well as his brother Pudlalik Shaa. It is therefore not surprising that Alariaq followed the same artistic path. Indeed, in Nunavut, artistic talent is passed on within the family, rather than taught in an art academy.

Cape Dorset’s sculptural style is a combination of naturalism, observation and reduction to sometimes abstract stylistic forms. This aspect is inevitably present in the art of Alariaq.

It is also clear that the artist takes the greatest care in the choice of his stones, which he finds on the Baffin Island. His sculptures are made of the finest serpentine, abundant in different shades of green. His sculptures are then smoothed and polished, in order to better show the brilliance of the stone. Serpentine is a rock similar in composition to jade. It is a very hard stone, so it requires a lot of artistic vitality to carve.