Bart Hanna

transformation Inuit Art Sculpture in marble

Born: 1948 in Alanarjuk Lake, Baffin Island.

Bart Hanna started carving when he was 13 years old. He used leftover soapstone, cracked carvings and ones that were not considered as good and, borrowing tools that were not being used, he used to make small carvings like seals and things like that. Sometimes he would work on carvings that had been started but given up on by others. He took several art courses in Canada and the United States. He travelled to France and Italy because he wanted to see for himself and learn from observing real works of art. “I went over there to observe and learn so I could strive for more improvement in my carvings.”

He receives inspiration from raw materials and the combination of textures such as rough and polished stone. His favorite subjects are arctic animals , drum dancing , spirit figures in the form of totems or masks , shamanism and Sedna.

Hanna is one of the few Inuit artists to carve male Sednas: “I broke something, and figure, and the figure became male. After that , even though nothing in the traditional story says Sedna was male , I just wanted to follow my imagination.”