Tony Oqutaq

One original hand-carved sculpture by Inuit artist, Tony Oqutaq. One mirror bear carved out of serpentine.

Born April 24, 1977 (Cape Dorset, Nunavut)

Tony Oqutaq is a young Inuit sculptor who embarked on his sculpting journey at the age of thirteen, swiftly progressing and emerging as a highly accomplished sculptor at a remarkably young age.

While he favors sculpting bears, Tony excels in depicting a wide range of wildlife, capturing the majesty and power of Arctic animals with striking precision. His sculptures are characterized by boldness and drama, featuring dynamic compositions where the elegance of natural forms, sinuous lines, and skillful manipulation of space and light create captivating emotional depth.

Tony Oqutaq has quickly risen as one of Cape Dorset’s most promising sculptors, bringing a fresh and innovative perspective to contemporary Inuit art. His work showcases exceptional technical mastery along with a profound understanding of the symbiosis between humans and nature in the Arctic landscape. As a young emerging talent, Tony continues to push the boundaries of his art, hinting at a promising future and a significant contribution to the artistic legacy of his community.

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