Taqialuq Nuna

Born in 1958 (Nunavut)

Taqialuq Nuna (Taq; Tak; Takialuk; Tackialuk; Noona) is the son of carver Sharky Nuna. After learning how to carve in the traditional way; by watching his father, Taqialuq Nuna made his first works when he was only eight years old. Nuna only became more serious about carving in his late twenties.

Today, Taqialuq carves in his free time, when he is not out hunting. His rounded and comfortable style suits the animal and human subjects that so interest him.

Taqialuq Nuna learned sculpting in the traditional way, which is by watching elders and more experienced carvers sculpt. This artist used to work mostly with serpentine, a very hard stone which is originally from Nunavut, and from the same family as jade.

By this artist