Stanley Ruben

Born in Nunik, Nunavut

Stanley Ruben (nuvik, Nunavut) is an Inuit artist known for his muskox horn sculptures. His style is very unique to him. Stanley sculpts, with extraordinary skill and sensitivity, delicately in each of his works, graceful birds. This trait is very much among Inuit artists. Stanley Ruben irrevocably gives his works a high degree of naturalism. Its compositions are described as aesthetically pleasing and emotionally charged. In his works, we can see that there are, precariously perched on their rock, two lovebirds in a graceful posture, for eternity. It’s hard not to be blown away by the beauty of his sculptures.

Stanley Ruben is known for bestowing on his work a high degree of naturalism by giving his glorious creatures the breath of life. His sculptures are a labour of pure love. In fact, Ruben has synthesized the salient features of the muskox horn in this piece. His compositions is aesthetically pleasing and super charged with emotion. The birds’ faces are beautifully framed by the brilliant electric and softly undulating plane of the pinkish red muskox horn. Precariously perched on their rock, Ruben has mated these lovebirds in graceful posture for eternity.