Stanley Ruben

One original hand-carved sculpture by Inuit artist, Stanley Reuben. Two cranes carved out of muskox horn on a base.

Born in Inuvik, Northwest Territories, Canada

Stanley Ruben is an Inuit artist from Inuvik, located on the northern edge of the boreal forest, which is the third largest community in Canada’s Northwest Territories. Stanley is renowned for his muskox horn sculptures, and his style is very unique to him. He sculpts with extraordinary skill, sensitivity, and with a fresh modern touch. He is known to delicately sculpt and refine muskox horns into graceful birds, caribou horns and other beautiful subjects.

The muskox horn is unique and traditional to Inuit art and stands out as exotic and eclectic. It has a stunning smooth pearlescent texture and the artist works in harmony with the natural curvature of the horn in his creations. Stanley uses other materials as well such as serpentine stone.

Stanley Ruben gives his works a high degree of naturalism, attention to detail and aesthetic perfectionism. His work is often said to hold and transmit a lot of emotion and soul, as his pieces maintain a timeless beauty and elegance.
In his depictions of cranes, these gentle birds are delicately perched on their rock, resulting in the silhouette of two lovebirds in a loving graceful posture.

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