Sarah Appagaq

One original hand-carved sculpture by Inuit artist, Sarah Appagaq. One Inuit basket made of plant materials.

In the Arctic, basket-making has been a longstanding tradition, utilizing dried grasses from the tundra for their durability and water-resistant qualities. Each basket represents the skilled workmanship of artisans, weaving strands of grass into functional yet aesthetically pleasing pieces that honor the Arctic’s cultural heritage.

In the mid-1900s, this tradition faced decline, but recent decades have seen a resurgence led by artists like Annie Cookie of Sanikiluaq. Drawing on ancestral knowledge, these artisans have revived ancient techniques, breathing new life into the craft.

Today, Arctic baskets are recognized as both functional items and works of art. They often feature bold geometric designs and intricate sculptural details, showcasing the talent and innovation of their makers. Additionally, some artists like Sarah Appagaq incorporate serpentine carvings, adding elements of traditional Inuit artistry to their creations.

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