Richard Krawchuk

Bear Richard Krawchuck cedar wood squamish nation

Born June 20 1956 (Suqamish, British Columbia)

Richard Krawchuck’s father is of Ukrainian background while his mother is of Coast Salish heritage. His family moved to North Vancouver, where Richard spent his youth attending school. Richard Krawchuk moved to Britannia Beach in 1987 and moved again in 1995 to the Fraser Valley.

Richard first carved at the age of fifteen. Although he was basically self-taught, Marvin Baker was a great influence. Richard has been carving full time since 1986 and is recognized by the quality of his work.

Richard Krawchuk likes to carve eagles, bears, wolves, loons, animals that are found locally and have a place in native legend. He also likes to carve Chiefs and Welcome men. All his work is finely carved and finished. His work is sought out by serious collectors.

Richard Krawchuck’s carvings can be found in collection all over the world.

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