Mathew Aqigaaq

Born August 14, 1940 (Kazan River, Nunavut)

Mathew Aqigaak (Akeeah; Aqqiga; Aqiggaaq) lives in Baker Lake with his wife, artist Marjorie Agluvak. Living in one of the coldest places in Nunavut, Mathew makes his sculptures mainly with basalt, the only stone available in his environment. Basalt is an extremely hard volcanic stone, and one of the most difficult to work. However, this does not prevent him from bringing a remarkable sense of detail to his works.

A sculpture made by the artist can take between 2 to 6 weeks, depending on the size and the subject considered. His work translates to being primitive and worked. He likes to represent the Inuit in his art. Occasionally, Mathew Aqigaak also carves muskoxen.