Kooyoo Peter

Born : November 30th, 1966
Residence: Kinngait (Cape Dorset) Nunavut, Canada.

Kooyoo Peter comes from a family of artists – he is the son of Ejetsiaq Peter, a renowned Cape Dorset artist.

Kooyoo Peter started carving seriously at the age of 18, although he was 13 when he first attempted to carve a seal. He also studied jewelry making and is a certified carpenter, so his creative skills are quite diverse.

He learned to carve from his brother Joanasie Peter who taught him how to use the axe and file and which part of the stone to remove first, and from there Kooyoo excelled after hearing from his borther that he saw tremendous potential in him. Their father, Ejetsiaq Peter, taught them the art of carving in the traditional way, by letting them observe his work.

Kooyoo carves in serpentine stone, a native beautiful and metamorphic stone from the Baffin Islands, Nunavut, which is similar in mineral composition to jade. His favorite themes are dancing polar bears and human figures. His style is recognized as being strong, recognizable, and well-executed. Even for his most challenging subjects, Kooyoo always finds a remarkable way of adding a strong sense of movement to his pieces. His families of bears carved from one single block of stone are amongst the his most impressive pieces.

His work has been exhibited numerous times in galleries in Canada, the United States, Germany and Switzerland since 1987.