Kelly Qimirpik

mother and child Inuit Art Sculpture in Serpentine

Born: 16 November 1948, Male

A renowned artist from Cape Dorset. He first started carving at the age of 14.Kelly says that he learned to carve mainly from his brother , Allashua Atsiaq. But he really started caring seriously only when he was in his twenties. Kelly used to make any kind of animal in a herd, but the buyers changed his style and he started making animals dancing. He used to make herds of walrus.

In 2002, Kelly was involved in a massive project. One of his inuksuit was installed in Battery Park in Toronto to commemorate World Youth Day and the visit of Pope John Paul II. The inuksuk was 30 feet high, and heavy equipment was needed to put it together.

Kelly’ s work has been exhibited in Canada , the United States , Germany, Switzerland, France, and Greenland.

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