Kakee Ningeosiaq

One original hand-carved sculpture by Inuit artist, Kakee (Peter) Ningeosiaq. Many intertwined narwhales carved out of serpentine.

Born in 1973 (Iqaluit, Nunavut)

Kakee Ningeosiaq has been living in Cape Dorset since 1993. He started sculpting at the age of sixteen, and although he was self-taught, he also learned by watching other sculptors. His father, Ningeosiak Peter, and his mother, Parnee Peter, are both sculptors in Cape Dorset. Kakee’s grandfather, the late Jamasie Teevee, was a well-known graphic artist.

Although he does not sculpt often, Kakee has created very delicate and imaginative sculptures with an undeniable attention to detail. His favourite subjects are animals, including birds and whales. He takes great care in his choice of serpentine stone. Indeed, the shimmering lines of the grain follow the shapes of his sculptures, which for their part highlight the movement of his animals. Kakee also represents his animals in a playful and unique way, often making pods of whales and fish dance, just like in nature, or with a curious cub standing, on his mother.

His works have been exhibited in Inuit Master Sculptors of the Canadian Arctic, The North West Company, Sun Valley Arts and Humanities Center and for the exhibition Arctic Wind III: An Expression of Survival between other.