Jomie Aipeelee

muskox Inuit Art Sculpture in Serpentine

Born: 11 September , 1963 in Iqaluit

Died: 2020

Jomie completed his education at grade 8 and went to work at the Ministry of Transport as a carpenter. He commenced carving at the age of fifteen but started carving seriously at about 22 and now carves on a full time basis. Jomie comes from a traditional style family background, thus it is important that he spends time out on the land both in winter and summer. He continues the traditional way of life – hunting for seals, walrus, caribou and geese.

Jomie had a good carving education from his family and he likes to carve musk ox, as does his father and grandfather. He also likes to carve whales, hawks, polar bear, seals, narwhal, ducks, walrus, Inukshuks and hunters. His carvings are very strong and direct.On his father’s side, Jomie comes from a family of artists, namely:
Ennutsiaq – his great grandfather, Nooveya Ipeelie – his grandfather, Seepee Ipeelie – his father.