Joanassie Manning

owls Inuit Art Sculpture in Serpentine

Born: June 6th ,1967

Joanassie Manning has lived in Cape Dorset all his life. Joanassie, credits his grandfather, the renowned carver Osuitok Ipeelee, as a great influence on his work. After carving sporadically for a number of years, Joanassie is now working more consistently. He has evolved a personal style that is becoming stronger and more confident as his primary love of owls evolves through his sculpture.

In the last ten years Joanasie’s artistic focus has been mainly owls. He enjoys making the Arctic owl in his own unique style that developed over the years. Joanasie is respected for his precise caribou antler eyes inlayed with dark stone or ash inlay. Joanasie’s owls often with mother and chick, sometimes more than one, are full of dignified beauty. He is well known for his owls with tenacious wings, a variety of positions and the birds faces are full of expression.

He has previously carved figures of hunters and fisherwomen with perfectly detailed harpoons of wood and antler for the hunter and kakivak (a fish spear) for the fisherwomen. Joanasie has enjoyed sculpting caribou in the past. He has also been inspired by the work of respected elders Lukta Qiatsuq and Kiugak Ashoona, OC, RCA, for the details they put into their carvings.

His style has influenced the next generation of artists including his son Mickey Qiatsuq, Adamie Qaumagiaq, and Adamie Mathewsie. Joanasie’s carvings have been included in gallery exhibitions in both Canada and the U.S.A.. Joanasie’s style has evolved into strong and commanding sculptures with precise focus on the design and form.

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