Jaco Ishulutak

One original hand-carved sculpture by Inuit artist Jaco Ishulutak. One narwhal carved out of serpentine.

Born February 15, 1951 (Baffin Island, Nunavut)

Jaco Ishulutak began sculpting at the age of sixteen in Pangnirtung. He learned from watching his grandfather and has since made medium-sized sculptures from wood, walrus ivory, fossilized whalebone and, most notably, stone. In fact, several other members of his family are involved in the arts. Indeed, his mother Elisapee, his brother Lazalusie, and his sisters Rosie and Jessie, are all active artists at Pangnirtung in Iqaluit.

The artist’s favourite subjects are the Inuit and walruses, which he prefers to carve with soapstone or ivory. His pieces can be found in prestigious collections, such as the Amway Foundation for the Environment (Michigan), The Laurentian University Museum and Arts Center (Ontario), Le Musée d’Art Inuit Brousseau (Quebec), The Peary-MacMillan Museum of the Arctic (Maine), and Global Affairs Canada.