Isa Aupaluktak

One original hand-carved sculpture by Inuit artist, Isa Aupaluktak. One mother and child carved out of serpentine.

Isa Aupaluktak is an inuit artist from Inukjuak. For a long time, Inukjuak has been one of the most prominent communities for sculptures and craft. Isa carvings are true to the traditional art form, being easily recognizable from their forest-green serpentine stone, high gloss and refinement. Isa usually depicts scenes of every day life such as hunting, fishing, families, legends, and arctic animals, in great detail.

Isa primarily carves out of marble or serpentine, a local stone found in open pit mines in Nunavut. Serpentine is a rock similar in composition to jade. Just like jade, it is a very hard stone, so it takes a lot of artistic vitality to carve it.

By this artist