Dale Isaacs

Born in 1965 (Ohsweken, Ontario)

Dale Isaacs is a member of the Mohawk Nation Wolf Clan. He resides in the Six Nations Territory. In 1998 he was introduced to a prominent soapstone sculptor named Roy Henri and immediately began sanding sculptures for Roy. A year later, Dale began working on his own sculptures and developed his own style. He was than able to sculpt “one of a kind” sculptures.

Dale has a passion for sculpting soapstone sculptures and believes the stories stay the same, but what he sees changes. Isaacs strongly believes in creating his own soapstone sculpture to allow every room to have integrity. He masters the techniques to develop beautiful soapstone sculptures, but above all he uses his positive energy to create each piece. In the early years, he started showing his works at local powwows. Most people who saw his work and were very impressed.

In 2005, Dale participated in his first art exhibition and won the first prize. He was then encouraged to start creating larger and much more complex pieces which then led to him having his work successfully represented in art galleries. In 2014, he was back at the powwows and, by talking to people, he learned that they were looking for something in their hearts and minds. Dale thinks most people will be looking for ways to boost morale. Most people are touched by Dale Isaacs’ work and he hopes each piece will uplift their spirits.