Albert K. Joseph

Born in Squamish, British Columbia

Albert was born in an area which is representative of the Coast Salish Nation, a tribe that has inhabited the southern region of British Columbia for thousands of years. The Coast Salish are a large, loose grouping of many tribes with numerous distinct cultures and languages. They have a patrilineal kinship system, with inheritance and descent passed through the male line.

Albert grew up surrounded by the myths, legends, and history of his people, which has always been very fascinating to him. He seeks to express his passion through wood carvings. The artist has been carving since his early childhood. He lists his brothers, cousins and teachers as inspiration. Coming from a well-known family of carvers, he explains that it was only natural for him to begin to carve. Albert is one of the many Northwest Coast Native artists working to keep his ancestral traditions alive for future generations.

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