Artist: Billy Markosak (Merkosak)
Region: Pond Inlet
Material: Fossilized Whale Bone and Caribou Antler

Height: 19″
Width: 35″
Depth: 24″

Sedna was a beautiful girl that rejected all the bachelors. One day, her father decided to marry her to a shaman that lived on an island. Soon after, he heard his daughter cry across the seas and regretted his decision. So he decided to bring Sedna back home on his kayak. Realizing his wife was missing, the shaman created a storm in the ocean. Sedna fell off the kayak and sunk. At the bottom of the ocean, she transformed to her current form: a mermaid. Sedna now lives free and therefore happy.

* Pieces containing walrus or narwhal ivory, whale bone, seal skin, sinew or baleen cannot be delivered to the United States, Mexico, England, New-Zealand, Australia, or the United Kingdom.

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