Yvo Samgushak

One original hand-carved vase by Inuit artist, Yvo Samgushak. One vase with a shaman's face sculpted in clay.

Born in 1942 (Ranken Inlet, Nunavut)

Yvo Samgushak is a unique Inuit artist, born deaf and communicating in Inuit sign language. His discovery of clay sculpture occurred at the age of 19, under the nurturing guidance of his older brother.

The enigmatic faces adorning his vases originated from a dream Yvo had in his youth. This dream, in which he saw the face of a shaman, deeply impacted him and inspired him to create unique artworks. Thus, one day, he decided to materialize this vision by sculpting a vase, to which he added feathers all around the face, adding a symbolic dimension to his work.

Each subject depicted on Yvo Samgushak’s pieces stems from his dreams, which have played a central role throughout his life as an artist. These dreams, laden with cultural and spiritual significance, infuse his work with a unique depth and authenticity.

As one of the few Inuit artists working with clay, Yvo Samgushak stands out for his innovative artistic approach and creative use of materials. His work has been recognized and exhibited repeatedly, testament to his exceptional contribution to contemporary Inuit art.