Yvo Samgushak

One original hand-carved vase by Inuit artist, Yvo Samgushak. One vase with a shaman's face sculpted in clay.

Born in 1942 (Ranken Inlet, Nunavut)

Yvo Samgushak was born deaf and communicates in Inuit sign language. He learnt how to sculpt using clay at the age of 19 by his older brother.

The faces depicted on his vases come from a dream Yvo had when he was very young. He had dreamt of a shaman’s face and decided one day to put on his vase, adding feathers all around the face.
All of the subjects found on Samgusghak’s pieces come from dreams he has had throughout his life.

To this day, Yvo Samgusghak is one of the few Inuit artists who sculpt using clay. His work has also been offered at auction multiple times.