Ross Kayotak

One original hand-carved sculpture by Inuit artist, Ross Kayoktuk. One owl shaman carved out of bone and antler.

Born in 1969 (Igloolik, Nunavut)

Ross Kayak is an Inuit artist from Iglulik, born in 1969 into a family deeply rooted in artistic tradition. His parents, Marius and Yvonne Kayotak, are themselves renowned artists, and the influence of their work, especially that of his mother, has shaped his own artistic journey. Ross Kayak grew up surrounded by Inuit art and culture, absorbing techniques and narratives passed down through generations within his family.

One of the most remarkable features of his work is his use of whale bone as a preferred material. Whale bone sculptures are rare and unique in the Northwest and Arctic, and Ross Kayak is recognized for his exceptional mastery of this demanding material. Sculpting whale bone is a complex and laborious process, requiring extreme precision and patience. However, once completed, these sculptures reveal unparalleled character and uniqueness, capturing the spirit and essence of life in the Arctic.

In addition to his expertise in whale bone sculpture, Ross Kayak also explores other mediums and artistic techniques. His work often reflects the spectacular landscapes and wildlife of the Arctic, as well as the traditions and narratives of his people. Each piece he creates is imbued with Inuit history and culture, reflecting his deep connection to his community and environment.

Ross Kayak continues to create unique and captivating artworks that celebrate the richness and diversity of Inuit culture. His work is sought after for both its exceptional artistic quality and profound cultural significance, making him a pillar of the contemporary Inuit art scene.