Pitseolak Oshutsiaq

One original sculpture by Inuit artist, Pitseolak Oshutsiak. Two bears in action carved out of serpentine stone.

Born in 1970 (Cape Dorset, Nunavut)

Pitseolak Oshutsiaq was born in in the culturally vibrant and artistically celebrated community of Cape Dorset, Nunavut. He lives mainly from the land, hunting and fishing.

Pitseolak sculptural style is a combination of naturalism, observation and reduction to sometimes abstract stylistic forms. He is influenced by various well-known sculptors when it comes to sculpting bears, especially walking bears.

Oshutsiaq is an established carver and he is the son of artist Omalluk Oshutsiaq. He enjoys carving both animals and figures, and he has exhibited in a number of group exhibitions across Canada.

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