Pits Qimirpik

One original Inuit art sculpture hand carved in serpentine by Pits Qimirpik ''Eagle with Fish 836016274-2

Born in Kimmirut, Nunavut

Pitseolak Qimirpik is a master carver. He is a versatile artist who creates stone sculptures of many different animals, but he is best known for his owls. He has garnished celebrity-like status on every continent in the world for his owls. Galleries are required to wait years before having the chance to obtain one. This is why they are so hard to find because most of the time, they sell even before making their way to the shelf.

The main attraction to Pitseolak sculptures are their immaculate polish and shine. Each one is polished to the degree where you can see your own reflection. In order to do this, Pits puts much strain on his hands, and as a result, needs to take a break before moving onto the next piece. The effort and strain to achieve this degree of refinement gives him a mild case of arthritis in his hands. This alone shows the commitment Pits is willing to take to achieve perfection.
It is this close attention to detail and refinement of his stone that give Pits’ owls such their signature distinguished, modernesque polished look. This is what really defines Pits apart from other Inuit artists. The surface of his owls are extremely smooth with perfect inclinations going across the wings.