Pea Michael

One original inuit art sculpture hand carved by Pea Micheal from Kimmirut, Nunavut in green serpentine ''Seal 836020395''.

Born in Kimmirut

Pea Michael is from Kimmirut, a territory known to host a thriving arts community and famous for its beautiful local serpentine stone, which ranges in colour from apple green to light cream coloured shades. Sculptures from this region are highly representational, with naturalistic animal subjects that are smooth and usually highly polished, which makes the sculptures from that territory realistic and distinct.

It is therefore not surprising that Michael Pea is known for his ability to brilliantly fuse surface texture and form it into a piece. Pea Michael proves that texture does not need to be applied simply as decoration or as a “realistic detail”. When applied wisely, it can become an integral element of the form in itself. The result is an almost heraldic composition.