Parr Parr

One original hand-carved sculpture by Inuit artist, Parr Parr. One standing walrus carved out of serpentine.

Born May 17th 1990 (Kinngait, Nunavut)

Parr Parr descends from a lineage of esteemed artists, including his great-grandparents Parr and Eleeshushe Parr. Parr’s great-grandfather Parr, a latecomer to art, produced over 2000 drawings in less than a decade, posthumously earning recognition for his work, notably with “Hunters of Old” appearing on a 1977 Canadian postage stamp. Eleeshushe Parr was known for her graphic art and textile work, while Parr Parr’s mother, Leah Parr, contributes to the family’s artistic tradition through carving and jewelry making.

Named after his great-grandfather, Parr Parr began carving at 16, initially focusing on inuksuks before transitioning to birds, a specialty he has pursued for eight years. His carvings are sought after by galleries, and he supports his family through his work. Parr Parr resides with his partner, Lao Nungusuituk, and their three children.

Under the guidance of his uncle, Noo Atsiaq, Parr Parr refined his carving skills, eventually becoming self-sufficient. He finds inspiration in the natural form of the stone, particularly in crafting birds. Parr Parr also shares his knowledge with others, teaching carving to his friend Matt Flaherty upon his return to Cape Dorset.

Despite completing high school and having other job options, Parr Parr prefers carving for its income potential. While he used to hunt with his grandfather, Atsiaq Alashua, he now focuses on carving and family responsibilities.