Quaraq Nungusuitok

One original hand-carved sculpture by Inuit artist, Quaraq Nungisuituk. One walking bear carved out of serpentine.

Born May 18th 1986 (Iqaluit (Frobisher Bay)

Quaraq Nungusutituq (Nungsuitok) was born in Iqaluit but now resides in Cape Dorset. Quaraq started carving with hands tools at the age of 13. When he first started, he used to try to hide from others because he was so shy. He learned by watching his father, the renowned carver Tuqiqki Manomie. His uncles Anxangayu Shaa and Qavavau Manumie are talented artists as well, and his brother Olaigee is also a carver. Quaraq likes to carve his polar bears from white marble because they look more realistic. He makes their noses from black stone. He loves to carve, and carving is the only way that he has ever earned a living. More recently, he has become known for his whale sculptures in an upright position.

Quaraq Describes his transformation pieces as similar to those of his father, Tuqiqki Manomie. His bears tend towards realism and they have movement.

By this artist