Noah & Mikki Siusangnark

Noah and Mikki Siusangnark are esteemed artists celebrated for their original and distinctive interpretation of the traditional Inuit doll. Their craftsmanship breathes life into each piece, with caribou bone faces that exhibit a remarkable range of textures, seamlessly blending into a depth punctuated with nuanced details.

Through their artistry, they convey the resilience and challenges inherent in the daily lives of the Inuit people living in the North. Their dolls serve not only as cultural artifacts but also as poignant reflections of the Inuit experience, capturing the essence of tradition while infusing it with contemporary sensibilities.

Noah and Mikki Siusangnark’s work has garnered widespread acclaim, earning them a reputation for their artistic excellence and mastery of their craft. Their dolls have found homes in galleries and collections worldwide, serving as enduring symbols of Inuit heritage and creativity.