Malito Akesuk

One original hand-carved sculpture by Inuit artist, Malito Akesuk One dancing walrus carved out of serpentine.

Malito Akesuk is an Inuit artist from Cape Dorset, Nunavut. While he sometimes depicts other subjects, he is best known for his carvings of small and medium sized walking bears. Malito lives mainly from the land, hunting and fishing.

Malito’s sculptural style is a combination of naturalism, observation and reduction to sometimes abstract stylistic forms.

His style is influenced by various well-known sculptors when it comes to sculpting bears, especially walking bears.

This artist takes pride in carving in the traditional way; by recovering his own stones that he finds in open pit mines on Baffin Island. He mainly carves marble or serpentine, a local stone found in open pit mines in Nunavut. Serpentine is a rock similar in composition to jade. Just like jade, it is a very hard stone, so it takes a lot of artistic vitality to carve it.