Kenny S. Poglas

Nugwa’am Gatinukw, Gayutlan lax Musgamakw
Dzawada’enuxw tlu Mamalikala

Kenny S. Puglas is an artist from the four tribes from Kingcome Inlet, B.C.and Village Island.
Kenny comes from a rich heritage of hereditary chiefs. He practices his culture by sustaining the ceremonial masks and legends of his village.

Puglas has been designing and carving Dzawada’enuxw art pieces for fifteen years. He is mainly self-taught, although he also learned the art of carving the traditional way; by studying other artists in his village. He has learned the form line of his hereditary linage at the tender age of eleven. Puglas carves in a wide variety of sizes; he has made small carvings to very large pieces, which have sold to galleries all over the world. This artists generally likes to utilize traditional colours for ceremonial pieces and, at times, contemporary colours on non-ceremonial pieces.

The subjects carved by Puglas range from Ridicule masks; Thunderbird masks; Raven with stand masks; Wild woman Dzunukwa masks; Small totem poles; Traditional Song poles; large potlatch dishes; assisted on totem pole carvings; combs for ceremony; Crooked beak masks; sisiutl Sea Serpent mask and much more.

Puglas mainly focuses on wood carvings and medium acrylic paintings, although sometimes he likes to carve hide drum acrylic paintings as well as canvas acrylic paintings.