Pootoogook Jaw

Born in 1959

Pootoogook Jaw, one of the three sons of master sculptor Joe Jaw, inherited the art of sculpting from a young age. His work reflects a wide diversity of subjects, with each sculpture shaped according to the unique characteristics of the stone he is using.

Some of Pootoogook’s sculptures are intricate, featuring multiple figures interacting with each other with an almost obsessive level of detail. When working with harder stones, his style sometimes becomes more streamlined and symbolic, capturing the very essence of the subject with clean shapes and lines.

Discreet humor often surfaces in Pootoogook Jaw’s work, adding a touch of lightness and personality to his creations. His keen sense of observation and ability to translate subtle emotions into stone speak to his exceptional talent as an artist.

His artistic style is both distinctive and evolving, reflecting his constant exploration of new techniques and materials. Pootoogook Jaw continuously strives to push the boundaries of his art, creating sculptures that are both iconic and contemporary in their expression.