Jason Qiyaqtaq

Born in Nunavut

Jason Qiyaqtaq is an Inuit sculptor specializing in carving narwhal tusks. For centuries, Inuit communities in northern Canada and Greenland have hunted narwhals for their meat and ivory. Qiyaqtaq’s work is influenced by the nature surrounding him as well as the traditions, rituals, and stories of the Nunavut community.

Primarily working with narwhal tusks, Qiyaqtaq creates sculptures that capture the beauty and majesty of these iconic Arctic creatures. His artworks often reflect marine life and the stunning landscapes of the region, infused with the rich cultural heritage of the Inuit people.

As an artist, Qiyaqtaq aims to preserve and transmit the traditions and knowledge of his community through his art. His narwhal sculptures serve as both a testament to the deep connection between the Inuit and their natural environment and as tributes to the cultural and historical richness of the Nunavut region.