Jamesie Alivaktuk

One original hand-carved sculpture by Inuit artist, James Alivetuk. One dog team carved out of ivory and stone.

Born in Pangnirtung, Nunavut

Jamesie (James) Alivaktuk, an Inuit artist hailing from Pangnirtung, NU, draws inspiration from the rich cultural heritage of this hamlet nestled in Baffin Island, north of Cape Dorset (Kinngait). Renowned for its vibrant artistic community, Pangnirtung serves as a fertile ground for creative expression, with a multitude of carvers and artists calling it home.

Alivaktuk’s artistic journey is deeply rooted in the traditions of his ancestors, as he passionately carves traditional Inuit subjects. His preferred mediums include serpentine, whalebone, and antler, reflecting the natural resources abundant in the region. This versatility is emblematic of artists from Pangnirtung, who often draw upon a range of materials to bring their artistic visions to life.

Each of Alivaktuk’s creations is a testament to his profound connection to his cultural heritage and the landscapes that surround him. His sculptures exude a sense of timelessness, capturing the essence of Inuit life and mythology with intricate detail and artistic flair. Through his work, Alivaktuk pays homage to the resilience and ingenuity of his ancestors while contributing to the vibrant artistic tapestry of Pangnirtung.