Ikkidluaq Teevee

One original hand-carved sculpture by Inuit artist, Ikkidluaq Teevee. One dog with a bone carved out of serpentine.

Ikkidluaq Teevee (B. 1984) is an Inuit carver from Cape Dorset, NU. HE is the son of Ningeokuluk Teevee, a highly beloved printmaker. He comes from a highly artistic family and is related to the late Kiawak Ashoona, RCA and Napachie Ashoona. Ikkidulaq is very proud of his family’s heritage and draws a lot of his inspiration from them. He learned to carve with the help of Napachie Ashoona at the age of fourteen and often sits by his mother while she draws. He also draws inspiration from the nature and animals that surround him.

While he does depict traditional subjects such as bears, Ikkidulaq prefers creating unique and contemporary subjects. He has carved several dogs and often portraying them as they are in life, as playful companions.

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