Eric Silver

Born in 1984

Eric Silver is from the Six Nations, in Ontario. He started sculpting at a very young age, when he was only around 9 years old. He is, to this day, a member of the Bear Clan of the Oneida Nation. Eric has been surrounded by artists and art all his life. His childhood closest friend, Cyril Henry, son of famous artist Vince Bomberry, is also a famous soapstone sculptor.

Eric is considered the most promising Iroquois artist today. He developed his own style, adding pronounced details and giving a sense of realism as well as movement to his works.

Her favourite subject is the theme of the “three sisters”. The three sisters symbolize corn, beans and squash. These three foods provide everything you need to survive. In fact, according to their cultivation method, these three seeds are planted simultaneously, in small cultivated hills. Each of these sisters, or elements, complements the other. This is because beans produce nitrogen, corn uses nitrogen, and squash provides shade and moisture retention with its long leaves.