Ashevak Mathewsie

Born 11 August, 1983 (Kinngait, Nunavut)

Ashevak Mathewsie is a well established Inuit carver that resides in Cape Dorset, the capital of Inuit art, who works primarily with stone and bone. Ashevak comes from a highly artistic family; he is the son of carver Adamie Ashevak and the grandson of celebrated artists Kenojuak Ashevak- regarded as one of the most notable pioneers of modern Inuit art, Pauta Saila, and Pitaloosie Saila.

Ashevak began carving in 1988, at the young age of five. Known for his openwork carving technique and attention to detail, the bulk of his work focuses on shamans and transformation, although, like his father, he frequently carves dancing figures.

Ashevak’s work is often described as spiritual. He approaches his subjects a very traditional way, and his use of fine detail is visible in every piece he carves. His carvings have been exhibited in Toronto, Quebec City, and Vancouver.

Beyond his artistic practice, Ashevak is involved in many sports; he competed in badminton at the 2003 Canada Winter Games, and served as goalie during the Kinngait Bruin’s 2018 hockey season. He also took part in Project Naming in 2004, bringing archival photographs back to Kinngait to be identified by Elders.Mathewsie comes from a family of very well know artists.