Andrew Palongayak

Born in 1946 (Gjoa Haven, Nunavut)

Andrew Palongayak is a stone and mixed-media sculptor from Gjoa Haven.

The traditional art from this territory is known for it’s spiritual nature. Gaping mouths, flaring nostrils and wandering eyes are part of Andrew’s visual vocabulary. While facial features in his sculptures seem full of angst, the figures are often going about usual everyday activities.

His wife, Ann Palongayak, and her brother, Ralph Porter, are also artists. Andrew is known for his animal and human figures carvings, frequently depicting shamans and associated spirits. His carvings evoke a sense of considerable strength and solidity.

Andrew sculpts mostly serpentine, caribou antler and muskox horn. His style is known for being very unique, featuring a lot of movement and strong emotions.