Alex Alikashuak

Born in 1952 (Rankin Inlet, Nunavut)

Alex Alikashuak is a contemporary artist considered well established. He started sculpting when he was only 11 years old. Alex Alikashuak moved to Whale Cove in April 1971. Carving in a variety of materials including stone, antler and bone, Alex is now recognized as a creative and prolific sculptor.

Alex Alikashuak was heavily involved in northern politics from 1979 until 1993. In fact, his extensive involvement in his people’s land claims negotiations with the Canadian government slowed his development as an artist.

His style was primarily influenced by the 1970s, which was a period of consolidation and growth in the arts, most often defined as a response to central tensions of the previous decade.

Alex has lived in Rankin Inlet, Whale Cove and Arviat. He then returned to artistic sculpture in 1993. His pieces have spread widely in Canada and Alex is now seen as an artist with a very distinctive style.

Alex Alikashuak now lives and sculpts in Winnipeg, Manitoba.